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Pigtopia-Urban Farm 

A family fun farm only 28 min from us. They have mini pigs and goats. Great way to spend an afternoon. 


Beautiful and spacious park perfect for picnics or biking and walking. - 6 min drive


World famous museum celebrating machines.  

Right across the highway from us. 


Shop in 103 stores - 37 min drive



A family golf course which accommodates golfers of all ages and ability levels.  Initially there were three different tee boxes to play from, the blue tees being the most challenging and perfect to test ones skills.  Recently, we introduced our new forward tees, yellow.  These yellow tees were created for easier play and to help reduce the climbs in the valley for those who are walking.  All four different tees to play from, that will give you a different perspective of the course. 

15 min drive 

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